Record Writers in Bangalore

We provide record writing service in bangalore. We write records & Assignments of various branches like INTERMEDIATE M.P.C : Physics, Chemistry etc Bi.P.C: Botany, Zoology, Physics, Chemistry with diagrams. B.Tech: Records of all subjects. B.Sc: Records of all subjects. and many other courses.   Please contact: Rudra Phone Number: 8790734169 WhatsApp Number: 8790734169, 8328583778


VACCINES   1. Bacterial vaccines     a. Killed (Inactivated)                 Typhoid-paratyphoid (TAB)                 Vi Typhoid polysaccharide (BCG)                 Cholera                 Whooping cough (Pertussis)                 Meningococcal                 Haemophilus influenzae  type B                 Plague       b. Live attenuated                 Bacillus Calmette-Guérin (BCG)                 Typhoid-Ty 21a (Oral)   2. Viral vaccines     a. Killed (Inactivated)                 Poliomyelitis inactivated (IPV, Salk)                 Rabies (Neural tissue)…


1. Phenol derivatives Phenol Cresol Hexylresorcinol Chloroxylenol Hexachlorophene   2. Oxidizing agents Potassium permanganate Hydrogen peroxide Benzoyl peroxide   3. Halogens Iodine Iodophores Chlorine Chlorophores   4. Biguanide Chlorhexidine   5. Quaternary ammonium (Cationic) Cetrimide Benzalkonium chloride (Zephiran) Dequalinium chloride 6. Soaps Of Sodium and Potassium   7. Alcohols Ethanol Isopropanol   8. Aldehydes Formaldehyde…

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