Home Medicines Review Program

A Home Medicines Review (HMR) is a comprehensive clinical review of a patient’s medicines in their home by an accredited pharmacist on referral from the patient’s general practitioner (GP). It is also called as Domiciliary medication management review. It is designed to enhance […]

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Dispensing of Ancillary Substances

ANCILLARY SUBSTANCES Ancillary substances are the products which are dispensed by the pharmacist with main drugs prescribed by the doctor. They include ancillary medicines, parapharmaceuticals including ancillary labels (auxiliary labels). Ancillary medicines are the drugs which are given in combination […]

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Patient Counselling

PATIENT COUNSELLING Patient counselling and chronic disease monitoring are the two important functions performed by the pharmacist. It is the responsibility of the pharmacist to educate the patient about the medication, adverse drug reactions, drug interactions and problems due to […]

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Procurement & Purchasing

PROCUREMENT             Procurement is a process of selecting the drug, finding the source, agreeing terms and acquiring medicines. Procurement is defined as a process of acquiring medicines through purchases from the manufacturer, their agents like distributors or from private/ public […]

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