Gastrointestinal Drugs MCQs

1. Histamine H2 blockers attenuate the gastric secretory response to acetylcholine and pentagastrin as well because: A. H2 blockers block gastric mucosal cholinergic and gastrin receptors as well B. H2 blockers inhibit the proton pump in gastric mucosa C. Acetylcholine […]

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Drugs Acting on Kidney MCQs

  1. Select the diuretic which is orally active, efficacious in acidosis as well as alkalosis, causes diuresis even in renal failure and has additional carbonic anhydrase inhibitory action: A. Mannitol B. Benzthiazide C. Indapamide D. Furosemide ANSWER: [   D  […]

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Cardiovascular Drugs MCQs

  1. The following factors enhance renin release from the kidney except: A. Fall in blood pressure B. Reduction in blood volume C. Enhanced sympathetic activity D. Volume overload ANSWER: [   D  ]   2. Angiotensin II plays a key […]

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Hormones and Related Drugs MCQs

1. Gonadotropins are indicated in the following conditions except A. Hypogonadotrophic hypogonadism in males B. Cryptorchism in a boy less than 7 years old C. Amenorrhoea and infertility in women D. Polycystic ovaries ANSWER:  [  d  ] 2. The hypothalamic […]

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PNS Drugs MCQs

1. Pancuronium differs from tubocurarine in that A. It is a depolarizing blocker B. Its action is not reversed by neostigmine C. It can cause rise in BP on rapid I.V. injection D. It causes marked histamine release ANSWER:  [  […]

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CNS Drugs MCQs

1. The minimal alveolar concentration of an inhalational anaesthetic is a measure of its: A. Potency B. Therapeutic index C. Diffusibility D. Oil: water partition coefficient ANSWER:  [  A  ]   2. The primary mechanism by which general anaesthetics produce […]

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Autocoids & Related Drugs MCQs

  1. Histamine exerts the following actions except: A. Dilatation of large blood vessels B. Dilatation of small blood vessels C. Stimulation of isolated guineapig heart D. Itching Answer: [   D  ]   2. Fall in blood pressure caused by […]

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